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Why Hire an Immigration Attorney

Below you will find reasons why you should get an immigration attorney to help you through the immigration process.

"Immigration is a mystery and a mastery of obfuscation, and THE LAWYERS WHO CAN FIGURE IT OUT ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD." (Remark by INS spokesperson Karen Kraushaar, published by the Washington Post, April 24, 2001)

"With only a small degree of hyperbole, the immigration laws have been termed 'second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity.' A lawyer is often the only person who could thread the labyrinth.” (E. Hull, Without Justice For All 107 (1985))

“There is an appropriate role for attorneys to play in the visa process; the involvement of an attorney in a visa case does not signify anything amiss. The majorities of attorneys are aware of and adhere to the rules of the game. In the sometimes complex world of visas, a good attorney can prepare a case properly, weed out "bad" cases, and alert applicants to the risks of falsifying information presented to the consular officer. The attorney can help the consular office by organizing a case in a logical manner; by clarifying issues or concern; by avoiding duplication of effort (reducing interview time); and by providing the applicant with the necessary understanding of the intricacies of the visa process thereby easing the pressure on consular sections to provide information to the applicant." (Department of State, 1990).

“Having a lawyer makes a difference. A 2005 Migration policy Institute study found that the odds of success double when detainees seeking to become lawful permanent citizens have attorneys. For those seeking asylum, the odds of success increase six-fold. Also, in many cases attorney succeed not by helping detainees remain in the United States but by assisting efforts to speed deportation proceedings, freeing them to return home. (Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2010)

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